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Yellowstone Select and Limited Edition Bourbon Reviews

Yellowstone Select

Type: Straight Bourbon

Distillery: Not stated

Proof: 93

Age: A blend of 4-year and 7-year bourbons

Retail: $39.99


A healthy dose of rye and fresh baked bread leap out. Cinnamon and some earthy florals follow the rye. I get a hint of anise on the back end.


Much like on the nose, rye is the star of the show. Peppery leather is present throughout, and there's a nice unique note of yeast rolls. There's very little sweetness here, but that doesn't mean all heat. The whole package is best described as warm and savory.


The finish is on the shorter side and continues with the theme of rye and dough.

Yellowstone 2019 Limited Edition

Type: Straight Bourbon

Distillery: Not stated

Proof: 101

Age: 9-year age statement, but this is a blend containing 9-year and 12-year straight bourbons

Retail: $149.99


Oak, almonds and vanilla are first. I also find a little tobacco and a hint of grape. This definitely has a little more ethanol than the Yellowstone Select, but neither are particularly spicy on the nose.


This delivered more of a kick than I was expecting. I don't like using cinnamon in reviews, because I think that can be misconstrued, but cinnamon fits perfectly here. It's pleasantly hot with rye and caramel working to round things out a bit. There's plenty of oak, which is no surprise with the age statement. Towards the back end, there's a great nutty flavor and just a touch of mint.


This is a medium finish, but it's noticeably longer than the Yellowstone Select.


These are two completely different whiskeys, but each has its place. The standard Yellowstone Select is like a spicy yeast roll, more savory than sweet. The 2019 Limited Edition is more complex, with a little sweetness and flavors that unfold in several layers. Neither is overly hot, but the Limited Edition definitely packs more of a punch. Of the two, I find myself reaching for a glass of the Limited Edition more frequently, but when you factor in the price points, I'd be more likely to purchase the Select. You won't be disappointed in either.

This sample was provided at no cost courtesy of Cask Cartel. Thoughts and opinions are my own. https://caskcartel.com/products/yellowstone-2019-limited-edition-bourbon-whiskey?_pos=2&_sid=d8d363ed3&_ss=r

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