• Seth

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Single Barrel Review

This stuff is fantastic. I'm depressed I don't have more backups.

Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distillery: MGP, bottled by Smooth Ambler Spirits

Proof: 98.8

Age: 11 years

Price Paid: $54.99


Light copper or a deep gold


This is a truly delightful nose. It's like walking into a dessert shop with all the sweetness and sugary aromas. Everything I get is sweeter than usual. It's not a scent of corn, but corn syrup. It reminds me of the scent at a candy store where divinity is being made. There's caramel, creme brulee, just a slightest hint of oak, and even a bit of cotton candy.


It's not quite as sweet as the nose had me expecting. The rye is really upfront with this one as well. I get a decent amount of oak, along with butterscotch and vanilla extract. This proof is right up my alley. It's got plenty of kick, but remains extremely smooth.


I'd classify this as a long finish. I wrote down medium several times, but each time I thought it was over, it hung on a little longer. Additional sips confirmed this was no fluke. On the finish I still get the oak and rye, but a hint of tobacco joins the party.


I really enjoyed this bottle. It's unique, it's right in my wheelhouse with proof and age, and it's got a decent amount of complexity but remains drinkable and smooth. This is one I always want to have stocked in my home bar. I'm sad that you can't find them anymore, but I'll be looking for additional bottles anywhere I can find them.