• Seth

Rabbit Hole Cavehill Straight Bourbon Review

Updated: Aug 28

A complex, layered flavor profile paired with a finish that lasts for days.

Type: straight bourbon

Distillery: Rabbit Hole

Proof: 95 proof

Age: over 3 years

Retail: $59.99


Strong notes of caramel and vanilla leap out of the glass. I also get plenty of pepper. This is one of those that smells strong, but without being overpowering. It comes off as being deeply layered, which is usually a good sign for any bourbon. There is additional sweetness beyond the caramel and vanilla, maybe even a bit of marshmallow.


As the nose alluded to, this one slowly unfolds in waves. The first sip hits and almost sits on top of your taste buds for a second before sinking in. After that, warm honey spreads throughout and finishes with a nice kick of cinnamon. Depending on how this hits your palate, one sip can bring bold leather and clove elements and the next can focus on vanilla candy. There's a dash of oak, which is a nice and unexpected touch with the relatively young age


The finish is long, very long actually. This is one of the longer finishes you'll find on a bourbon under 100 proof. The pepper notes from earlier really come to play here, but there's enough vanilla and honey to keep it from being overly hot.


This is my first experience with any Rabbit Hole product, and I came away impressed. With there being so many great options on shelves these days, complexity is one of the things I look for most. There's just no reason to settle for a one-note bourbon in 2020. Fortunately, this bourbon delivers a complex, layered flavor profile. I'm honestly surprised at how much is packed into this glass at 95 proof, and that finish just lasts forever. Rabbit Hole officially has my attention now, and I'm excited to seek out and try some of their other offerings.

This sample was provided at no cost by Rabbit Hole. Thoughts and opinions are my own.



Rating Scale:

This is a general guide of what I consider each score range

4.75 - 5.00: Phenomenal. Hard to imagine anything better. Acquire at any cost.

4.25 - 4.50: Excellent. I'll camp out to get a bottle if necessary.

3.75 - 4.00: Great stuff. I'll buy backups if not too expensive.

3.25 - 3.50: Good stuff. Try to keep one on the bar, but don't spend too much.

2.75 - 3.00: Not bad. I don't regret the purchase, but may not buy another.

2.25 - 2.50: Sub-par. I regret the purchase. Reserved for mixed drinks.

1.75 - 2.00: Bad. I'll struggle to finish the bottle. May not want it in cocktails.

0.00 - 1.50: Drain-pour. Something seems wrong with it. Get it away.