• Seth

Maker's 46 Review

Maker's Mark on oak steroids. Interesting, but it won't blow you away.

Type: Bourbon whiskey

Distillery: The Maker's Mark Distillery

Proof: 94

Age: No age statement

Price Paid: $24.99 (375ml)


Medium caramel. It's darker than standard Maker's Mark, but that's expected with the extra aging and oak stave finishing.


The nose on this is really sweet. The alcohol is minimal so you can really get your nose in there and pick up on the caramel and vanilla. I even get a bit of honey and butterscotch. It actually reminds me of a candy store, mixed in with a dose of ethanol. It's like I'm nosing a bourbon within sniffing distance of River Street Sweets.


Even though I know this is finished with oak staves, there's more oak than I expected. You've got to really search to find the flavors beyond the spicy oak. There are hints of caramel and a wheatey sweetness, even a bit of grilled corn, but every sip starts and ends with the familiar wood. If you like Maker's Mark, you'll like this one as well. It tastes like what it is, which is a more mature version of Maker's Mark.


I immediately get spicy tobacco and charred oak. The burn is mild and dissipates quickly. The finish is enjoyable, but does not last long enough, leaving just a small tingling on your taste buds after a few seconds.


It's good, not great. For me at least, it's the type of bottle I don't regret buying and will occasionally pull for a pour, but may not necessarily rush out to replace once it ends. If you're a fan of Maker's Mark, I do think you'll like this even more. If it was a little cheaper, I probably would keep it in stock, but at $40 for the 750ml, there are just so many other great options.