• Seth

Longbranch Bourbon Review

Decent bourbon, just not priced where it should be.

Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distillery: Wild Turkey Distilling

Proof: 86

Age: Not stated

Price Paid: $39.99


Medium gold. I'd also say it has a bit of a light bronze tint to it.


Not much ethanol upfront, so you can really get in there without needing a breather. The nose has a floral kick to it, with a few notes of oak and spice. I get more vanilla than caramel. There's not a ton to discern from the nose here, it's fairly muted.


This is a classic bourbon taste. There's plenty of oak with kicks of vanilla, allspice, and the slightest bit of syrupy sweetness. There is just a little bit of rye here, enough to give it a little spice but not enough to make it the primary flavor. I'm not sure what the mashbill is, but it's definitely not a high rye recipe.


There is very little burn on this. It's more of a tingle than a burn. It does leave a dry feel in your mouth, similar to some wines, but combined with the tingle on your tongue and the oaky taste it's a pleasant finish. If anything, I wish it was a little longer.


This is a solid, middle-of-the-pack bourbon. It's a really classic bourbon profile, and at 86 proof it's an easy drinker for even bourbon beginners. This would compete favorably against $20-30 bourbons in that 80-90 proof range, and I would prefer it over many brands' entry level options. That being said, at $40, it's going up against the single barrel offerings of many distilleries and even some lower level barrel proof options. I like the bourbon as an everyday pour, but I feel that it's priced $10-15 too high. I'd always reach for something like Four Roses Single Barrel over Longbranch at the same price. Even within Wild Turkey's own ranks, I'd opt for Wild Turkey 101 for $15 cheaper.