• Seth

Blood Oath Pact 6 Bourbon Review

An enjoyable, easily approachable bourbon for whiskey drinkers of all types.

Type: Straight bourbon finished in Cognac barrels

Distillery: Not disclosed

Proof: 98.6 proof

Age: Blend of 14, 8 and 7 year bourbon

Retail: $100 MSRP


Honeysuckle, vanilla and praline pecans leap out of the glass. The ethanol is really muted so you can dive right in and get into all the sweeter notes. I get just a hint of orange bitters and then caramel brings the sugar right back.


The lack of ethanol from the nose carries over here as this is an easy sipper, but it's not as sweet as the nose had me expecting. Rather than all vanilla and caramel, I find orange peel and raw pecans, as opposed to pralines. As the sip continues, the sweetness does make an appearance, but it's not the star of the show. Towards the end, it reminds me of a Brandy Alexander, which I learned to appreciate during my time in Wisconsin. Combining the nose with the fact that this has a cognac finish, that note makes a lot of sense. The flavors that present themselves are bold and well developed.


This is a mild finish, but it lingers much longer than expected based on how approachable the palate was. It's not hot at any point, but it provides a warmth that just doesn't go away. The cognac finish and pecans are the lasting impression as the finish finally fades.


I like that Blood Oath tries to make each Pact completely different from the previous releases. That model can lead to duds, but it also makes sure you won't have a cabinet full of the same thing with 6 different labels. This is an enjoyable bourbon, and one that is easily approachable for even new whiskey drinkers. Nothing about it is hot or aggressive, but it has enough character to satisfy sophisticated palates. Whether this is worth the $100 price tag (or more) is a personal choice, but this is a solid whiskey, and one that checks a lot of boxes. I think most will be satisfied with this bourbon, but it doesn't quite have that little indescribable "something" that takes a bourbon from good to great.



Rating Scale:

This is a general guide of what I consider each score range

4.75 - 5.00: Phenomenal. Hard to imagine anything better. Acquire at any cost.

4.25 - 4.50: Excellent. I'll camp out to get a bottle if necessary.

3.75 - 4.00: Great stuff. I'll buy backups if not too expensive.

3.25 - 3.50: Good stuff. Try to keep one on the bar, but don't spend too much.

2.75 - 3.00: Not bad. I don't regret the purchase, but may not buy another.

2.25 - 2.50: Sub-par. I regret the purchase. Reserved for mixed drinks.

1.75 - 2.00: Bad. I'll struggle to finish the bottle. May not want it in cocktails.

0.00 - 1.50: Drain-pour. Something seems wrong with it. Get it away.