• Seth

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon Review

A classic bourbon that brings the sweet without a ton of heat.

Type: Single Barrel Bourbon

Distillery: Buffalo Trace

Proof: 93 proof

Age: Not stated

Retail: around $60


This is an easily approachable nose, with no harsh ethanol or intense spice notes. It's sweet, but not fruity, with a bit of baking spice and caramel. There's a charred sugar note as well. There's a hint of rye, but it's layered underneath the sweeter components.


This is one of those bourbons where the nose gives you a great idea of how it actually tastes. The honey and caramel show up as expected, but the spicy honey note is even stronger here and coats your mouth just like the real stuff. The rye is a little bolder and even gives a bit of a cigar flavor. There's not a ton of kick, but the boldness of the flavors compares to some higher proof pours.


Medium and with a pleasant burn at the end, stronger than anything that was on the palate. It remains sweet and finishes with more caramel, vanilla and a little baking spice.


It's easy to see why this is a bourbon that everybody wants on their home bar. It's sweet, incredibly smooth at 93 proof, and packs a lot of the traditional bourbon flavors that people look for. If you prefer barrel proof pours, this may not have the oomph that you're looking for, but that shouldn't really be expected at this proof. Overall, this is one of those bourbons that isn't going to necessarily crack my top 5, but it won't disappoint anybody. If you can get it at a reasonable price, you won't regret the purchase.

This sample was provided at no cost courtesy of Cask Cartel. Thoughts and opinions are my own.



Rating Scale:

This is a general guide of what I consider each score range

4.75 - 5.00: Phenomenal. Hard to imagine anything better. Acquire at any cost.

4.25 - 4.50: Excellent. I'll camp out to get a bottle if necessary.

3.75 - 4.00: Great stuff. I'll buy backups if not too expensive.

3.25 - 3.50: Good stuff. Try to keep one on the bar, but don't spend too much.

2.75 - 3.00: Not bad. I don't regret the purchase but may not buy another.

2.25 - 2.50: Sub-par. I regret the purchase. Reserved for mixed drinks.

1.75 - 2.00: Bad. I'll struggle to finish the bottle. May not want it in cocktails.

0.00 - 1.50: Drain-pour. Something seems wrong with it. Get it away from me.